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All our Server Packages come with the latest version SHOUTcast v2, the world's most popular Internet Radio server software full of useful features. It guarantees a fully automatic and seamless transition between a live stream and AutoDJ mode. Create individual accounts for DJs or multiple streams thanks to additional mount points. SHOUTcast v2 is backward compatible with older desktop software created for SHOUTcast v1. Advanced users may also reconsider IceCast server software available as an alternative.

Description SHOUTcast v1 SHOUTcast v2 Icecast v2
Automatic switch between AutoDJ and Live Stream      
Necessity to manually disable AutoDJ before connecting a Live Stream source      
Types of codecs in AutoDJ MP3 MP3 , AAC+ MP3, OGG, AAC+, AAC+ v2
Types of codecs in Live broadcast MP3, AAC+, AAC+ v2 MP3, AAC+, AAC+ v2 MP3, OGG, AAC+, AAC+ v2
Connection mode supported using broadcaster software SHOUTcast v1 SHOUTcast v1 or v2 Icecast v2
Support multiple radio channels on single server [Mount Point]      
Individual DJ accounts for live connection      
Uploading intro and fallback files onto the server      
AutoDJ active during live broadcast N/A N/A  

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